Evaluation 2

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

When creating our film, my group and I didn’t really think of including stereotypes or countertypes of characters as our film is based on a woman who has been locked up for a long time after being kidnapped and who may have developed some mental problems over the years. However, to some extent we tried to make the characters, especially the woman seem slightly insane by rocking on her chair and staring into the mirror creepily, to represent to the audience that she is crazy. Rocking on a chair may seem like a stereotype of people with mental health problems as this is what most people imagine them to be like and how they act.

In terms of the audience, they would probably women who are around the age of 15 and above or maybe men as well from the age of 15 and above who enjoy watching thriller films. This genre will probably attract more of an audience because it is quite popular and there are many sub genres associated with thrillers. The social groups would probably be people who prefer twists in films and who enjoy watching films that have unusual storylines.

Our film represents a psychological thriller because it scarcely involves violence and involves targeting the emotional well-being of the characters rather than their physical health. We decided to make our film a psychological thriller because there aren’t as many psychological thrillers as there are other thrillers (i.e. crime thrillers) and I find that psychological thrillers can sometimes be more interesting to watch and they usually contain more twists in the plot that make it more entertaining to watch. As there are more popular thriller sub genres, we decided to make our opening a psychological thriller to attract a large audience as there aren’t many films that have a similar storyline to ours and we wanted to created something different that was unusual.


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