Month: March 2014


A shot list is a simple way of showing what camera shots will be taking place in shot order. Our shot by shot list contains what shots need to be included and where they will take place in the film opening.

When my group and I were trying to create the storyboard, we thought that we should create the shot by shot list as well so all the shots for the storyboard would be in the right place and be the same as the shot by shot list. I was the group member to create the shot list and I added the details that we needed  such as the type of camera shot, the angle and any movements that would take place, including what the shot would be about and what it will involve. I find that the shot list will be more important than the storyboard because even though the storyboard shows everything that is meant to take place including the angles, the shot list is in note form and is displayed in a grid which I will find easier when directing my group with what shots need to be done, from which angle and how everything needs to be displayed in the camera shot. The shot list will be important when the editing takes place because my group and I will know where the shots need to go and whether it is a flashback or not.



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This is the storyboard Nabeela created for my group but we all decided on what the shots were supposed to be about and the style of shot, e.g. close up. We thought we should use a variety of shots to make the opening seem interesting that makes the viewer want to see more. I think it was my idea to use a lot of flashbacks to make the audience understand how the woman ended up in this situation, but the whole group put their ideas together on how to show the flashbacks and what should be included in them.

We figured that we would use a lot of flashbacks of the woman’s childhood because this is when she was kidnapped and the way its supposed to blend in with the woman putting on the make-up is by the flashbacks being memories that she is thinking of at the time of putting on the make-up. We figured this would be a good idea because we wanted the audience to understand how the woman came to be in this situation and to show how long ago her kidnapping was and to show that she still hasn’t been found years after. to add to thew effect, my group and I thought we would mix some of the woman’s happy memories as a child and build up to the kidnapping when her life got switched around and became a tragedy.

We got some of our ideas from the film opening of Se7en because we liked the way the images flowed together as a montage of images and we liked how it picked out certain details in the opening that could relate to the plot of the film and be specific details that will be included later on in the film. Furthermore, we thought we should use a montage of images so that we revealed some important details such as what happened to the girl but didn’t want to reveal too many details otherwise the audience may feel that they know everything that will happen before just in the opening of the film.


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This is the storyboard Nabeela created for our group  based on our preliminary data.


A storyboard is a set of images that is put together to form the outline of the film in terms of what each scene or shot should look like. Storyboards are important as they help remind the group what shots are to be used, what is supposed to be in each camera shot and when it should take place within the film.

When my group filmed our preliminary data, we used some of the storyboard, however, we ha to change some of the shots to extend the film opening and to make include more details as to what was going on in the opening. When editing the preliminary data, I helped my group edit as I was ill when the opening was filmed. Even when we were editing, we changed some of the shots around and did not follow the storyboard because we all knew the film plot and what was supposed to happen, but when we edited the film opening, we found that some of the shots didn’t make sense and were not needed in the film. Furthermore, when we watched our preliminary data after adding all the camera shots together, we realised that the film opening didn’t make sense; this is when we decided to change some of the film shots around so that the film opening made more sense and was more enjoyable to watch.